Monday, May 24, 2010


-Have a regular spiritual practice.
-Identify and acknowledge wounds and scars to your psyche and self-esteem.
-Master your fear : Act fearlessly in the face of fear.
-Master your anger : Use it as fuel for effective conscious action.
-Release negative self-images and replace them with positive life-affirming images.
-Envision a better world and implement a plan to create that world.
-Be open to and aware of the pain, grief, and suffering of others, as well as your own.
-Be aware of the consequences of your actions, of cause and effect.
-Understand your skills and limitations
-Understand that our work must model the world we wish to build.
-Understand that our government is a manifestation of our collective consciousness.
-Develop you intuition through spiritual practice.
-Take care of yourself : Know when to stop, how to renew.
-Work effectively with others : Know how and when to lead, when and how to follow.
-Speak and act for the public good.
-Find the opportunity inherent in any given set of obstacles or challenges.
-Listen to one another, see one another, and value the diversity of our spicies.
-Learn to live with an attitude of gratitude.
-Act with wisdom, intuition, compassion, and intelligence.
-See God in all “ If you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all.” ( Yogi Bhajan )

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