Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prosperity Yoga at Lightworks

Prosperity Yoga with Paramjot (All Saturday: 7, 14, 21, and 28 August 2010)


Experience and attract the Abundance to your life through Yoga

To see through the eyes of spirit is the key to finding prosperity. So many people look at prosperity as a state of outer wealth. Actually it is a state of inner wealth that comes from a deep sense of understanding that the universe will take care of us if we only apply love, patience, kindness, generosity, and all the other fruits of the spirit to our material life.

Life flows, and if we are flowing in spirit with it, all our needs will be met. That is the essence of prosperity. The challenge is to find your path to this serene state. The people who are happiest at times like these are those who meditate, those who reach out to others in service, those who follow the call of their souls, those who keeps their hearts open. These qualities keep us from collapse in deadly times and bring us prosperity at the same time.

In this 4-day workshop (Part 1) we will learn what prosperity is. We will learn many techniques for achieving prosperity - we should understand what prosperity is so we will recognize it when we receive it.

This workshop will give you:

- Lesson about the wheels of prosperity, and overview of chakra as to how each of them affects the experience of prosperity.

- The concept of the ten yogic bodies and how they affect prosperity.

- The roles of self-worth, self-affirmation, empowerment and releasing negativity that play in prosperity

- The relationship between intuition and effective meditation that plays in creating prosperity.

The sessions include talks and consultation with yoga set for prosperity and powerful meditations which you can bring back to your daily life to help you move into a new experience of your prosperity life.

Anyone can benefit from this workshop: Even people who have never done yoga before, people who are financially challenged and people who make million of dollars each year.

“No one else can limit you - If you want to limit yourself you can. Otherwise the entire resources of the Universe are yours to use” -- Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D

Prosperity energy flow for the 4 classes: RM 720 per person

Class dates: 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th August 2010 (all Saturdays)

Class times: 7:00pm – 8:30pm on all four days

Suggestions to attendees:

- Not to eat before the class at least 2 hours or else have a light meal.

- Bring a towel, own yoga mat (optional as Lightworks provides limited yoga mats) and a water bottle.

- Also bring a notebook and a pen for writing down own notes. Some sheets and notes for personal practice will be given by teacher.

- Wear comfortable clothing, preferably light colored or white if possible.

Special Note:

- If any one needs a personal consultation, a separate one-on-one class can be arranged and will be charged separately.

- Part 2 of this Prosperity Yoga will be scheduled for September (dates and timing to be announced later) and attendees who complete Parts 1 & 2 will receive a certificate at the end of Part 2.

Lightworks opens DAILY from 11am – 8pm

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